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Real Estate Agency Better Property

The BETTER PROPERTY is an agency of real estate services of the Surveyor Antonio Cieri, dedicated to the foreign market and Italian and was born from the long experience of qualified professionist the always operating in the real estate and building renovation. Located in Abruzzo, our highly motivated team can offer a wide selection of the finest properties in Abruzzo and neighboring Molise to suit all budgets and requirements. In what is known asalt one of the greenest and magical areas of Europe, we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase their home or investing in one of the quieter areas and spectacular Italy. Today, many close observers and investors are realizing that this region is a real natural treasure, a "hidden Tuscany", but much less expensive. Specifically, the Better Property Italy, for its customers, takes care of all the phases for the purchase of their new property in Italy, in fact Antonio Cieri as a real estate agent and coordinator as well as Surveyor and excellent knowledge of the region, with a particular interest the properties available in Abruzzo, helps the customer to have a clear idea of ​​what he's looking for. Either way you have made the decision and you said this is the home that's right for me! and you want to be certain the house by paying the right price? Antonio Cieri will let your dream come true. Once you have helped you find the home that meets your needs and you will want to buy, we will give you all the information about the purchasing process. The BETTER PROPERTY addition to Geom. Antonio Cieri, an expert in the technical field and knowledge of the area, employs a staff of consultants of absolute seriousness and proven professional skills such as: Actor, International Legal, Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, Geologists everyone with an expanded knowledge of the main foreign languages. The BETTER PROPERTY initially helps to plan the visit of the selected properties and subsequently cure the exact translation of the documentation required for the purchase. The BETTER PROPERTY, in case of renovations or projects to be taken into consideration, with geologists and in close cooperation with restoring Engineers, will outline the proposals for restructuring according to the budget available and your requirements. The BETTER PROPERTY and its designers will work with you to decide to give the final touches to your new home and will outline the steps required to get the permission of starting the works, issued by a local office specialist, who will be able to establish the starting dates of the works and the likely end of the same. The BETTER PROPERTY is able to ensure the utmost professionalism is for sale as for the subsequent renovation of the property, using a close collaboration with local construction companies, which count skilled craftsmen in every sector, the electrician plumber, from carpenter to painter, from bricklayer to a tiler. If you need to leave everything in our hands, you can rest assured that WE will solve all the problems, and only YOU can enjoy the pleasant sides of purchase of a new home. This is always possible with BETTER PROPERTY that with the help of responsible Dott.sa Rosanna Marchioli, will assist you in any problem related to the property is under renovation, is being maintained over the years. This large structure allows the BETTER PROPERTY to be present on major international markets, making it possible for your property that you have entrusted to us and entrust us to be seen in all countries of the world. The BETTER PROPERTY clientele is mostly foreign, and is always looking for houses and old buildings of much of the Abruzzo and Molise region, both as an investment and as the home of their dreams. For this reason, real estate offer processed is wide: from rustic farmhouse with outbuildings ruins, the ancient villa in the historic building in ruins and the prestigious real estate on the sea.
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