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Agency fees

Better Property Italy of the surveyor Antonio Cieri is a Real Estate Agency recognized and inscribed at the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti with Rea number 171574.

In order to be as clear as possible with his customers he would like to inform his clients that his agency fees charged for the purchase of a real estate is equal to € 2.100 + VAT for properties under €70.000 and 3% + VAT for amounts exceeding €70.000.

Below you will find in details the reasons why the above fees are applied:

Our real estate agency offers to its clients properties with  lower  prices, very competitive and suitable to their needs.
To be able to provide low-cost properties, an accurate and detailed research is carried out in a different way than those used by a typical real estate agency, with an employment of  energies and resources.

In addiction, properties we treat are located in two large geographical areas of Italy. More precisely Abruzzo, in the province of Chieti, and Molise, in the province of Campobasso , covering a surface of 1800 km2 with a total of 47 villages.

During the visit of the several properties, our agency provides to all his foreign clients a qualified and competent staff: from a surveyor (also owner of the real estate agency) Antonio Cieri, who will give you more details about the conditions of the building, and an interpreter registered at the Chamber of Commerce who will assist you for all the duration of the visit so that you will be able to understand.

Furthermore if you wish you can be followed by a law firm which will support you during the several stages until the signature of the title purchase deed.

In addiction, you will be also assisted by an interpreter registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and at the Law Court of Vasto.

This will help you to understand all the process of the purchase title deed through a service of interpretation in your language (English, French, German or Spanish). In this way you will have a complete understanding of the purchase process.

In the end,  Better Property Italy assures its customers the purchase of the property thanks to an insurance for damages of € 3000.000,00

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