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Better Property is your property management that spins around 360°. Our goal is to make your purchase procedure simple and reliable. For this reason our services are divided up based on each clients needs. After purchasing your home, we keep on taking care of you, with our After Sales Renovator Consultant and Interpreter Rosanna. She will help you with the following services:

  • ASSISTANCE: She will accompany and help you with shopping for your house and relationships with architect, interior designer, company, ect.
  • POST SERVICE: She takes care of your Italian mail. She scans your mail and e-mails it to you so you can always check your bills and communications. The agency  saves all the paper copies.
  • SECRETARIAL WORK: With this service, she will carry out the payment of your bills, update the work progress of your renovations, run errands, check your home periodically, etc.
  • RENTING SERVICE: Why not rent your home when you are not here? Our consultant provides to hold on to your keys, the cleaning before each arrival of the renters, brings them to the house and checks the house once they leave. Whether they are people you send or people we find, we take care of renting your house as if you were here.
  • CLEANING SERVICE: She provides on the cleaning of your house before your arrival.
  • GARDENING: She provides on the gardening, if you purchased a house with land.
  • SURVEYOR, ENGINEER AND COMPANY: Our consultant will help you to talk with our professionals for all you need in the renovations of your new home.
  • HANDYMAN: Our contractors will give you the best quotes for renovations or for small maintenance interventions needed, including all materials requested. Our consultant will help you here, too.
  • INTERIOR DESIGNER: Our professional will help you in making choices on what you need to furnish your house.
  • PERSONAL ERRANDS: In this service, our consultant will help you in your personal reasons like: the nearest supermarket, pharmacy, vet for your pets, laundry, etc.
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