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Did you buy a house in Italy?

Don’t you live in Italy?

If you are worried about your general bills not being paid and your general house management, don’t worry!!

We can help you!


We offer a basic package that includes receiving all your utility bills, water, gas, electricity, telephone, IMU (yearly property tax) ,TARSU (yearly refuse tax) and many other services below described.

· Central heating boiler maintenance.(to comply with Italian law)

· Insurance renewal for buildings and contents

· Key Custody

· Monthly property inspection

· Servicing and property maintenance.

· Turning on utilities, central heating etc.

We ensure payment of  bills when they are due, providing there are sufficient funds in your petty cash account, in accordance with the basic package contract.

There is a monthly charge of € 35.00 plus VAT for the basic package.

If you pay 12 months in advance we will give you one month free!!

We also offer other services that you can add to the basic package which include


· Gardening services

· House clearing

· Maintenance of swimming pools etc.

· Document renewals

· Providing tradesmen.

· Pet care

· Alarm response and intervention (if necessary)


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