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Abruzzo, also known with the name of Abruzzi, is a region with capital L'Aquila. It is bordered on the northside by Marche, on the west by Lazio, on the south by Molise and on the east by the Adriatic Sea.

It is a predominantly mountainous region characterized by mountains and the remaining area by hills. The regionhas the highest peaks thanks to the Gran Sasso d' Abruzzo Italy and the Maiella (Monte Amaro). The plain iscomposed of a narrow coastal strip that follows the coast



The main rivers are the Aterno, Sangro and Vomano that flow into the Adriatic Sea. The climate is strongly influenced by the Appennino Abruzzese mountain, which divides the climate of the coastal hills from those ofthe highest peaks

In addition to L'Aquila, Chieti and Teramo, which vain rich historical centers with old churches, civic valuable buildings, museums and archaeological sites, other cities of art are : Sulmona, the birthplace of Ovidio, Atri(which gave the name to the Adriatic Sea), Giulianova, an ideal Renaissance city, Campli, Civitella del Tronto,with its mighty fortress Bourbon Scanno, Lanciano and Ortona, Guardiagrele, Vasto and Penne.

Among the most characteristic villages, however, worth mentioning, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castelli (knownfor its handmade pottery), Pacentro, Pettorano sul Gizio, Pescocostanzo, Capestrano, Loreto Aprutino, Bisentiand Città Sant'Angelo.


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